Bakery Schools for a better future

We believe it is very important not only to share our skills and know-how with our commercial partners – bakers’ shops, supermarkets and the food business and services to whom we supply ingredients, but also to help underprivileged communities in the countries where we operate. Being a reliable local partner is part of our international business philosophy which we demonstrated by opening bakery schools in India, Brazil, Mexico and South-Africa.

As in many other developing countries, consumer tastes in developing countries are becoming increasingly westernized, with an increasing demand for finished goods such as cakes, pastries and chocolates. Supermarkets, bakeries and cake shops, as well as hotels and cruise ships, all want to increase the range of products they have to offer, but many of them suffer from a significant shortage of skilled labour.

Bakers of the future

Determined to teach young people the skills needed to work in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors, the Bakery School Foundation has invested in bakery schools in Brazil, India, Mexico and South-Africa. The courses have been designed to take pupils beyond basic education and to give them the practical training needed to make a decent living. The programme also includes periods of internship in various companies during which the students are paid. We also commit to employ pupils who graduate from the schools or place them with one of our partners.

Based on the proven success of the projects in India, Brazil, Mexico and South-Africa, we are planning to expand the programme so that even more young people from developing countries can turn their passion for bakery, pastries and chocolate into a rewarding way of life.